Human Resource Management

Programme CodeModuleDuration1st Session2nd Session 3rd Session
Programme CodeModuleDuration1st Session2nd Session 3rd Session
HRM 101 Cost Effective HR Development 4Weeks23 Mar - 17 Apr04 May-29 May 01Jun-26Jun
HRM 102 Coaching Manager Skills2Weeks 23Feb-06Mar 27Apr-08May 01Jun-12Jun
HRM 103 Human Resource Development Business Skills & Best Practice2Weeks 23Feb-06Mar 27Apr-08May 01Jun-12Jun
HRM 104 Developing Corporate Training Strategies2Weeks 23Feb-06Mar27Apr-08May 01Jun-12Jun
HRM 105 Recruitment Business Skills & Best Practices2Weeks 23Feb-06Mar 27Apr-08May01Jun-12Jun
HRM 106 Advanced Human Resources Management 3 Weeks 02Mar-20Mar 13Apr - 01May 25May-12Jun
HRM 107 Balanced scorecard for human resource management 4Weeks 02Feb-27Feb 02Mar-27Mar 20Apr-15May
HRM 108 Effective Negotiation Skills 2Weeks 23Feb-06Mar 27Apr-08May 01Jun-12Jun
HRM 109 Good Governance and Leadership2Weeks 23Feb-06Mar 27Apr-08May 01Jun-12Jun
HRM 110 Human Resource development and implementation 2Weeks 16Feb-27Feb 30Mar-10Apr 25May-05Jun
HRM 111 Integrating Organizational & Individual Performance management Systems 4Weeks 02Mar-27Mar 30Mar-24Apr11May-05Jun
HRM 112 Staff Performance, Appraisal and Evaluation Technique 3Weeks 23Mar-10Apr 04May-22May 08Jun-26Jun